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Goniometer for English

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'日本語版は「角度計 - Goniometer」で検索して下さい。【 Features of the app 】
- You can be accurately measured in units of 1 ° angle of anywhere in the photo.- Although intended for physicians and nurses working orthopedic ward and orthopedic physical therapist, occupational therapist, mainly can be used regardless of the health care system.- It is also possible to measure load the pictures taken before I can even perform a measurement taken on the spot.(* 1)- If you work with applications that cut a video(framegrabber etc), you can also measure the angle from one scene of the video.- You can choose the format to save jpg or png format while keeping the view angle and auxiliary line measurement results.(*2)- Positioning of auxiliary line to make it easier to do, we have devised to be able to move the measurement point also drag any location on the photo.
(*1) The images may not be reflected directly from the "Taking Pictures" by your camera app, the shooting itself to display the images from the "Read" because they can. Try something other than a camera app, which is a standard feature or terminal.
(*2) It is not reflected in the gallery immediately after saving. It is reflected by using a MediaScanner application etc. or rebooting a terminal.
【 Active in this scene 】
- I want to continue to keep a record of the exact angle for a conference presentation.- Gait analysis and sports such as behavioral analysis, I want to measure the joint angle captures the moment in the action.- When measuring the range of motion of the limit, I would like to be kept as short as possible a time to give pain to the patient.- I want to measure as accurately as possible the range of motion, which is usually measured in units of 5 °.
【 How to use 】
- To display your photos in "Load" or "TakePic".- The measurement point is moved by dragging on the image and select one of the "Central" "P_EndA" "P_EndB".- You can change the auxiliary line color and angle color in the "Colors". Please change it if hard to see.- Return to the first screen in the "clear".- You can save the image containing the auxiliary line-angle (jpg or png) format that is set on "Save".
【 Notes 】
- Please do the resolution settings from "Settings" Always for the first time. Correct resolution of Captured images (TakePic or loading) is not set, can not get the correct angle image is distorted.- Also if you want to load a different resolution images initialization, configuration and try again.- There is no problem if only the photos of landscape images that read, for reading a photo portrait, it may be necessary to change the setting "The orientation of the photo" depending on the specifications of the camera app for your.- You do not need to change the setting if it is in the Landscape Save Even if you shoot in Portrait.When the image was taken in portrait orientation will be saved when you save as well as portrait photos, please use after changing to "Portrait" Settings "The orientation of the photo" If you take a photo in portrait orientation. or Try something other than a camera app, which is a standard feature on the terminal.
【 Models that verify the operation 】